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Bestiary & NPCs


Once upon a time, Arien volunteered to become the carrier of Arda's sun, burning hotly enough herself to not be burned by it. She was given the last fruit of Laurelin, the golden tree who had given light to Arda until its death. Set into a vessel, this fruit became the sun, and Arien is the one who carries it across the sky, day after day. She has seen all that happened on Arda from the distance, yet her only way of interfering has been to send the sun's light down against the darkness, as it has always been.

Bitebark is the last living Ent, who was set to keep watch over Isengard. He is disordered and confused after all that has happened, rather like a senile old man. He has trouble separating the past from the present, but he's sure of one thing: Isengard is in his charge.

Captain Hervren's home base is in the Havens of Umbar, but occasionally he sails with and commands other coursairs as they trade along the coast. He's always looking for a good deal (in his favor,) and isn't afraid to show a little muscle for it. Don't bother asking how he gets his hands on some of these specialty items, he's tight lipped.

Once upon a time, dudebro Tilion had a massive crush on a really hot chick (literally hot. Hot enough to literally burn him if he got close). This woman volunteered to carry the sun through the sky for eternity. Now they were looking for volunteers to carry the moon. Well, clearly this was his chance! ...And so it came to be that Tilion volunteered to carry the last blossom of Telperion, the silver tree who had given light to Arda until its death, set in a vessel, across the sky. In his pursuit of Arien he sometimes gets closer and sometimes falls back, and sometimes he gets so close that he gets burned, explaining tides and lunar eclipses. But he also is stuck in the sky by his own word, and as Arda fell to ruin below him, he could do nothing but watch.


Balrogs are demon-like beings of "shadow and flame." They are very strong, so strong that all those who have ever killed one have died along with it. They carry a long fiery whip.

Can be found: ???

There are two types of bats; vampire bats and war bats. Vampire bats are smaller, but swarm. They go for the neck to drink blood. If you survive the attack, there's a possibility of falling into a stupor for a few hours to a few days. War bats are larger and attack mostly with their large claws while dive-bombing.

Can be found: Barad Eithel, Gundabad

There are various types of dragons, but thankfully the only one around so far is a dead one; Smaug's bones lay at the bottom of the long lake.

Can be found: ???

These large insects can grow to be as large as a housecat, and their stings are poisonous. Anyone stung by a dumbledor may experience difficulty breathing, tachycardia, or seizures.

Can be found: In swampy areas of Númenor, such as Armenelos and Nindamos.

These are pest-like creatures that live in deep caves and caverns. They stay inside during the day but come out at night. One alone isn't too much of a problem, but they travel in packs. They spit a poisonous substance that can be lethal.

Can be found: Mostly in Mordor proper, but some have creeped over to the western mountains, into the Glittering Caves.

Goblins are sentient corrupted beings, and technically a subset of Orcs. They are smaller, typically a touch weaker, and are found in different areas than usual Orcs are. They travel in groups and are primarily nocturnal, coming out at night to hunt. They speak Westron and Black Speech.

Can be found: Near mountain ranges, including the Iron Hills.

It's said that Graugs can eat Trolls for breakfast. Needless to say they are very large.

Can be found: Near bodies of water, mostly in Mordor, but occasionally on the western slopes of the Blue Mountains. One is in Minas Morgul.

These are the the fëar of Elves who chose to remain in Middle-earth instead of sail to the Undying lands. After a while, their bright spirits consumed their bodies. They will let other Elves pass freely, but are wary of most others. Beings with an innately evil nature may be actively attacked. Houseless Spirits can only be felled by Orcish or corrupted weaponry.

Can be found: Primarily in the upper parts of Mirkwood, including the Elvenking's Halls, however you might run into a few in Lorien, the forest surrounding Caras Galadhon.

These large, wild oxen are prized for their large horns. While not at all evil or malicious, they can be territorial and aggressive.

Can be found: Outside Andúnië, grassland areas of Númenor, and to the north east of the Sea of Rhûn.

These majestic creatures are no ordinary horses. They are strikingly beautiful and intelligent. The mearas will not be tamed or mounted, save by only the most worthy of individuals. Trying to ride one may result in your death.

Can be found: In the area between Elaldondë and Hyarastorni.

Covered in slime and living in murky water, Mewlips are the waterlogged cousin to the Goblin. They are smaller and less intelligent than Orcs, but still dangerous. If you’re not a fighter, it’s possible to “bribe” them with gold coins or gems to let you pass through their area.

Can be found: In swampy areas of Númenor, such as Armenelos and Nindamos.

Mûmakil are large Elephant-like creatures, though much larger and with six tusks. Wild Mûmakil are not hostile by nature, but if provoked they can be a fierce enemy. Tamed Mûmakil are used occasionally by the Men of Harad, in the dry lands south of Gondor and Mordor.

Can be found: In hot, dry climates, such as lands south of Mordor.

Orcs are a sentient race who were made through the torture and corruption of other races. They are innately evil because of this. Though primarily nocturnal, they can also appear during the day, but open sunlight irritates and weakens them.

Can be found: Small parties can be found almost anywhere, though they have a few bases.

These creatures are also known as “water drake,” and as the name suggests, are a type of dragon. As corrupted beings, they are menacing and aggressive, particularly along the western coast of Númenor.

Can be found: They primarily linger off the west coast of Númenor, however occasionally they can be found anywhere in deep ocean.

Trolls are large, brutish creatures not known for their intelligence. There are different types, most of which are and capable of reasoning and speech.

Can be found: Almost anywhere near mountains or hills, depending upon type.

Uruks or Uruk-hai are a type of Orc and Man hybrid. They are larger and stronger than Orcs, and can walk in open daylight.

Can be found: Mordor, and some lay dormant in Isengard.

These are large wolfish creatures that are often used as mounts by Orcs. Wild wargs travel in packs and are capable of reasoning and speech. (Possibly Westron or Black Speech along with "Wolfish" language.)

Can be found: Typically along the Misty Mountains and in areas around Gundabad.

Werewolves are corrupted spirits housed in bodies of wolves. They are bigger than Wargs, and more intelligent. Occasionally their bite can be venomous. They are capable of reasoning and speech. (Possibly Westron, Sindarin or Black Speech along with "Wolfish" language.)

Can be found: Tol Sirion. Various places in Beleriand, but they tend to stick to the north.

These large worm-like creatures are very, very large and can burrow through mountain. Their origins are unknown but it's likely they're corrupted beings.

Can be found: As of right now Wereworms are limited to Carn Dûm, and they're only babies.

Wraiths are disembodied spirits of people who were corrupted in some way, either as servants of evil or through great dishonor. Wraits can only be felled by Elven weaponry

Can be Found: Fornost.