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Player Plot Request

Player-run plots are integral to Arda Marred. We want all of you to have a chance at making an impact on what happens here. If there's something you want to do, please share it! We also encourage checking out the locations page and bestiary for inspiration! Think of a plausible way to introduce a swarm of tribbles? Hey, you never know unless you ask, right?

Plots must be approved ahead of time. Fill out the following, and wait for approval before implementing your plot.

Some things to keep in mind:

✦ If you suggest a plot here, please be prepared to take charge of that plot.

✦ Plots should have an opt-out option whenever possible. People can notice what is going on around them, but they shouldn't be required to thread anything out.

✦ An idea for a major event that does not have an opt-out will require more consideration by the mod team and possibly a game-wide vote.

What would you like to do?
Here is where you give the general idea of your plan, such as "A bunch of Orcs attack Deepwood"

When do you want to do it?
Give a start date and an end date. These can be estimated for the time being.

Will this plot cause any lasting changes to the game or it's player characters?
If yes, describe what that outcome would be. Such as "This will turn Hobbiton into an island."

Do you need control over NPCs? Which NPCs?
If you need control over NPCs for this event, let us know who and what you plan to do with them. Do you need to invent an NPC for this event? Let us know what you have in mind.

Is there an opt-in/out? What is it?: If your plot functions with an opt-in, explain it here. If there is an opt-out option, explain what it is. If not, explain the consequences of the plot's conclusion. If there are major changes, we might have to take it to a vote.

Briefly describe how you expect things will happen during the course of the plot:
Give us a paragraph explaining how you think things will go down when the plot gets rolling, from start to finish. For example:

"It starts when George pokes Mr. NPC troll in the eye. Because Larry already told Mr. NPC troll where he lives, he's going to attack Rivendell with his troll clan on the night of the full moon. There will be two main trolls coming from the north and the south. The north troll hates fire, and the south troll is afraid of water. Clues will be given to help the characters figure this out. Hopefully they defeat the trolls on the same night, and everything should go back to normal after some rebuilding."
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What would you like to do? I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to put this, but since it would affect all of Deepwood and the surrounding woods, it seems best. Since Cullen will be getting translocated during the month of July without Blade, I want to have Blade go on a rampage through the village and the area. He wouldn't be attacking people, but he would be extremely destructive of property, menacing wildlife, and generally displaying the negative qualities of hyper-intelligent, aggressive war dog breeding. If there are orcs around, he would definitely attack those, too.

When do you want to do it? Throughout the month of July, starting when Cullen is translocated and ending when he finally gets back to Deepwood.

Will this plot cause any lasting changes to the game landscape or it's player characters? There would be a lot of stuff to fix up, and some people might decide they really don't like Blade, but beyond that, no. Some things/items might be destroyed beyond repair with player permission.

Do you need control over NPCs? Which NPCs? No.

Is there an opt-out? What is it?: If people don't want their things torn up or their houses ransacked or filled with "gifts", which would not be good, they can just say no, and he'll skip them.

Briefly describe how you think things will happen during the course of the plot: I would like to give players a few different options: they can be menaced by Blade out in the woods, growling, barking, harrying, and then backing into the undergrowth, they can have their homes and/or belongings in Deepwood ransacked, chewed, maybe stolen in the case of smaller items or clothing, they can come across some very primitive booby traps, mainly active hornet nests or holes concealed by sticks and debris, or they can be left "gifts" in the form of rotted carcasses, torn and muddy clothing, dog poo, and territory marking in inconvenient places like bedding.

I'm fine with Blade getting hurt during the plot if somebody feels like they need to handle the issue. If he's badly hurt, the rampage will stop. There's a possibility that people he has met will be able to talk to him, since he can understand language, but any calming in that regard would be temporary. He's not going to be himself again until Cullen returns because of the way Mabari bond with their people.
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[personal profile] temperedblade 2016-07-12 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks! Hope things are settling for you guys now.
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[personal profile] temperedblade 2016-07-15 03:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Sounds great! Will do!
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Not really sure if this is the place for it, but I'd like to make a suggestion for the monthly status effect. Does it belong here, or is there somewhere else I should put it?
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[personal profile] schrodingersghost 2016-07-17 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks, it does!