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You hear that the music has gone awry somehow. You get the sense that it needs some restful measures to right itself. Restful measures that lull you into a sleep once more, but lighter than the one you awakened from.

There are two ways to hiatus:

✦ Autopilot

✦ Each character's music is corrupted to a degree, though less so than that of the world. Being in Arda, however, has the potential of corrupting it more, and if it gets too bad, they will be sent into a healing sleep to fix it. A healing sleep can mean various things: The person might fade away and wake back up in the cave that they first arrived in; they might simply sleep for a long time, lying down motionlessly; or they might be sleepwalking to a safe place, just be gone in the morning and when they return wake up in a random place.

If you will be around for the check-in period, there is no need to formally call a hiatus: Simply announce on the OOC community that you will be gone, for how long and what your character is doing.

If you can however not be around during the check-in period, please comment to this post with this form:

Note: It is possible to use a hiatus for check in two months in a row, as long as you contact us to discuss your situation before the second check in, but not a third.