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Entering the game

At first, it seems you are surrounded by nothing. And then you hear it. Music. Warm, inviting, invigorating, coaxing you into waking. It's still dark. You move, and the earth falls away, and you see before you a great expanse of land. The terrain seems mild, but silent. Waiting for you.

But it does not stop here. The music swells, becomes brighter, more powerful. But then there is a dissonance; something is off, more than usual, and you can hear it; can hear how an outside force intrudes, how the balance wavers, almost crumbles. No matter if music is your life or if you have never cared for it, the dissonance is jarring to the bone. It leaves you deeply unsettled even as you feel yourself drawn in by yet another tune - the original one, you realize, one that promises stability and life, and you reach out for it (if for protection or to break it as well is no matter).

And wake.

You find yourself in a small cave on top of a hill, and stepping out of it there are trees and a pond, and a path leading down to a wooden gate that stands ajar.



✦ Request to join the communities: [community profile] arda_marred, [community profile] arda_hidden, and [community profile] second_music.
✦ Remember to comment to the Taken List with the form provided.
✦ Update the player contact (member locked) with your info, once you have gained access to the comms.
✦ Feel free to introduce yourself at [community profile] second_music!

Friending or following the mod plurk, [ profile] ardamods, is optional but helpful as important updates and reminders will be announced there.


✦ Characters wake up in a cave near Deepwood, a town located at the eastern slopes of the Blue Mountains. Walking down the path will bring them there. Deepwood consists of Dwarven caves below, hobbit holes and human "regular" houses in the middle and Elven trees and tree house structures around and on top, shielding it on the surface. There are many houses and rooms, so simply claim one that isn't taken.
✦ Your seeing marble is in a small pouch on a leather string around your neck.
✦ Please note that Deepwood does not have any maps unless one is brought in from elsewhere.