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Mods of Arda Marred ([personal profile] singing_arda) wrote2014-11-15 05:17 pm

Posting Guide

Arda Marred has three communities. Below a quick rundown of what they are for, posting format, and the tags used in them.

Note for all comms: Please put triggering/nsfw/etc material as well as gifs under a cut and label the cut with what's underneath. The html for a cut is:

The OOC Community || [community profile] second_music

Simple enough, this is for everything that is not IC: Plotting among players; mod posts; memes; introductions, hiatus and drop announcements; and whatever else applies.

Tags: "plotting", "mod post", "meme", "intro", "hiatus", "drop". (without quotations)

The Open Community || [community profile] arda_marred

This is for all posts, both network and log ones, that are open for all characters to reply to.

Network posts have no set format. The format for log posts is

Tags: "!action", "!network" (without quotations)

Character tags will be provided for you upon your acceptance.

The Closed Community || [community profile] arda_hidden

This is for all posts, both network and logs, that are not open to all other characters; closed logs between a limited amount of characters, or private conversations between two or more Marbles. (Note: This is to be used in the place of IC inboxes, but remember that it is difficult to maintain a private connection.)

The format of private network posts is:

For log posts it is:

Tags: "!action", "!network" and character tags