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Interactive timeline (retired)

The Interactive Timeline has been retired.

For each month of the game's time, a thread will go up below. Please comment to that thread with all important in-game developments that are potentially interesting for everyone. Large scale destruction or creation which other characters cannot ignore must still be requested as a player plot.

Please always include the names of all participants, the date/timeframe, the place(s) and a description of what happened - perhaps also of why it is significant.

For example:

✦ On the 15th of March, Zuko accidentally burned down half the forest beyond the Quickwaters.
✦ In the beginning of June, Galadriel, Balin and Boromir started building a castle on the slopes of the blue mountains south of where Thorin's Halls were located.
✦ Molly Weasley did some reconstruction work on her house to add 7 magical floors at the center of Deepwood between the 5th and the 20th of April.
✦ Ryohei Sasagawa and Franziska von Karma got married and had a huge party just outside of Deepwood that started on the 14th and lasted all the way through the 15th of August.
✦ America arrived in what used to be Hobbiton on the 4th of July and put up a flag, claiming it as his territory. All present nations immediately protested.
✦ This month, Karigan G'ladheon and Veralidaine Sarrasri caught some horses and started a postal service between the settlements.

and so on. If there is no thread for the current month, please alert a mod.

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The Hobbiton/Michel Delving party finds this map and a second partial map, and bring both to the Deepwood.

EDIT: After bringing them back, Julien makes this rough combination map.
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