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Holds are currently open

You want to claim a character but need a bit of time to write your info post, decide on a username or do whatever else? Never fear, we will hold your claim for you for two weeks. You may put up to two characters on hold at the same time.

Players who already have claimed two characters for the current month, may place a hold before the 1st of the next month so long as the expiration date falls within the next month. The claim still may not be posted until the next month.

Here's how to go about it:
✦ Make sure that nobody else has the character on hold, has submitted a claim request or already has them in game.
✦ Comment to this post with the form below

Please note: We have a hard max of three AUs of the same character. That means that there should be one canon spot always available, and three AU spots. These AUs must also be different from each other. For this reason, you may place a hold on an AU character. CRAUs and CAUs may also place holds, whether or not they fall under an AU or canon spot. We will be using time stamps to determine processing during claims. Please mark either (AU)(CAU) or (CRAU) next to the character's name.

You do not need to place a hold on original characters or Canon OCs.

Please take a look at info on character types and duplicates.