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[For a look at the Palantíri as they are in Tolkien canon, please check here. We have changed some things to fit our game play needs. This can be explained by the corrupted music, (AKA "Eru was drunk") as per usual.]

In Arda Marred, the Palantíri serve as a means of fast travel - a way to get your character quickly from one place in Arda to another. They are in fixed locations throughout the world, and function as follows:

✦ Gazing into the Palantír will show you a series of cycling images of the locations of other Palantíri. (Those locations which have not been discovered will show as swirling clouds.)

✦ Placing your hand on the Palantir while showing a particular image will teleport the individual to that place

✦ Please note that (unless a special situation occurs) the Palantíri in Arda Marred do not serve as Scrying devices.

Palantíri Locations
( Middle-earth and Beleriand )
Annúminas The palantír is located in the library.
Deepwood On top of a tower near the entrance to the Dwarven area, a small stone pillared gazebo houses a palantír.
Dol Guldur The Palantir sits at the lowest level of the ruins. Watch out for the spiders!
Gundabad On top of the stronghold, the palantír can be found inside the carcass of a troll. Beware of the werebats that the structure is infested with, though they won't attack unless woken from their slumber, and of the winds that tear at you on the roof of the stronghold. They might make flying powers malfunction.
Havens of Sirion Out on the docks, in the single room of what was once a lightfire tower, rests the palantir at about 1m/3ft height on a pillar of wood that is the most well preserved thing in the whole town.
Isengard In the middle of the tower of Orthanc there is a hole in the ground, about 30cm/1ft deep. It is filled with a clear water that will start to glow upon the surface being broken by a part of a sentient being. The water is pleasantly warm to the touch. At the bottom of the hole rests the Palantir. Beware of the grumpy Ent.
Minas Tirith The palantír is located in a relatively untouched house high up in the city.
Tol Sirion The palantír is located in a room with broken walls above the dangerously fast flowing currents of the Sirion river. Beware of the werewolves that claim the island every summer to raise their young! It should be safe for the rest of the year, though.

Palantíri Locations
( Númenor )
Meneltarma The palantír is located on a pillar in the center of the plain.
Oromet The room at the top of the tower holds a palantír. It stands on a marble pillar.

Current Travel Conditions

✦ Palantíri within Númenor will function normally once discovered.


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Arda Marred is a world shaped by the actions of characters in-game. To keep track of ongoing developments reported by our players, a summary of the most relevant changes will be posted at the end of the Check In period in the comments below. To keep things brief, we will focus on the events and issues that are very visible or impact a large number of characters.

If you think we have missed something, please do not comment here, but contact a mod.

To skip to the most recent summary, click here

( To see recent activities of all characters, please see the latest check in )

[As of April 2016, the interactive timeline has been retired.]
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Why is it called a "Claim" and not an "Application"?

Good question!

Typically with an application the mods are assessing your personality, history, and writing samples. They judge how well you know a character’s background, thought process, voice, and your writing style.

At Arda Marred, we trust that you know what you’re doing with this character. We look most closely at the characters abilities and items instead, and adjust powers to keep things relatively fair, and fit the setting. We also may modify powers that have the potential for accidental godmodding.

Sometimes, if we’re canon familiar and feel you leave out an important aspect of that character, we may also request a sentence or two on that topic.

The info post is mostly about letting other players know what your character is about – what abilities need to be Opted-in, Content that may be triggering, what similarities or differences both your characters might have for potential CR. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that you read each other’s info posts.

The claims process is more about keeping your info post standardized so that information is easy to find, and you’ve included everything you needed to. We’re here to help you get in rather than keep you out.

Some reasons you might be declined:

✦ Your character is not an allowed character type.
✦ Your character’s AU does not fit our criteria.
✦ All canon and AU spots for that character are filled.
✦ A member of your close CR is not okay with your Close-Cast Canon OC.

In casual speech, using the word "app" for a claim is pretty common because of it being used in most other games, and is not something to worry about. However, it's important to note the official differences, so that you are less stressed!
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NOTE: Nogrod is no longer a starter location, but the most of the general layout and features remain.

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Thinking about playing an AU at Arda Marred? This guide is for you!

First things first, there is always ONE canon spot, and THREE AU spots.

Not sure where your character fits? Check this flow chart:

Right about now you're probably asking; "How different is different enough?" Keeping in mind that there are always special circumstances and "judgement calls" that have to be made for individual AUs, here are some examples of acceptable AUs and not acceptable AUs.

Acceptable AU scenarios:

✦ Legolas (AU) - Female - Is easy to tell apart from Legolas due to being female.
✦ Legolas (CRAU) - Missing limb - Is easy to tell apart from Legolas, due to missing limb.
✦ Legolas (CRAU) - As "Liam" a modern reincarnation. Is easy to tell apart from Legolas, due to personality change.

✦ Spock (AU) - Human instead of Vulcan - Is easy to tell apart from Spock, due to rounded ears and freely displayed emotion.
✦ Spock (CRAU) - Modified with visible bionic implants - Is easy to tell apart from Spock due to mechanical parts.

✦ Harry Potter (AU) - Death Eater Harry, Is somewhat easy to tell apart from Harry, due to personality change.
✦ Harry Potter (CRAU) paralyzed from the waist down. Is easy to tell apart from Harry, due to not being able to stand.

NOT acceptable scenarios:
A good rule of thumb: History alone is typically not enough. There should be a physical change, or change in personality.

✦ Legolas as Elvenking (AU) - Generally has the same looks and attitude, too close to canon.
✦ Legolas (AU) - where he wears different clothes - clothes alone are not enough to distinguish a character as separate from canon.

✦ Spock (CRAU) - Where he remains canon in looks and personality throughout, and a canon spot is already occupied.
✦ Spock (AU) - as a command officer instead of a science officer. Same look, same attitude, too close to canon.

✦ Harry Potter (AU) does not speak parseltongue. This minor change is not easy enough to figure out.
✦ Harry Potter (AU) as a Ravenclaw. Unless accompanied about a major personality change, is too close to canon.

✦ Henry Mills - As and adult. There is no canon information on him at this age, and "Adult to Child" and "Adult to Elder" are the only acceptable age up / downs.

Some "cheating" is acceptable in this way:
(AKA "I heard you like AUs, so I put some AU in your AU, so you can AU while you RP.")

If the non-canonical AU you created is not different enough from canon to be allowed, you can "tack it on" to another AU aspect of the universe. For example, Sadly, the ever popular "never died" scenario will not typically be acceptable as an AU in it's own right. However, if you incorporate the "never died" scenario of your AU into another AU that counts as different enough in it's own right, you can "piggyback" onto that AU with some extra minor changes.

For example, Thorin from The Hobbit in a "never died" scenario is not claimable, however if this Thorin is also a race swap he would be playable.

Legolas as Elvenqueen would also be acceptable.
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Nogrod is no longer a starter location, but remains on the map. Please see the location page for more info. The Deepwood Starting Location info can be found here.

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While the Corsairs are not beyond raiding also are willing to trade goods for gold, silver, gems, or anything generally shiny.

Their goods are quite varied. You'll find nearly anything that can be found on Arda... and even some things not of this world. Need a pair of jeans? roller skates? A lightsaber? Ask them to check the back room.

Aside from their usual bases in Dol Amroth and Havens of Umbar, occasionally they will sail around to the coastal cities and make trade there as well. Remember, these are not the most fair of people; prices are high to begin with, and even higher for a specialty item.

There are two ways you can trade with the corsairs:

1 - Travel to Dol Amroth or The Havens of Umbar: Here you can trade at any time for the standard list of items, or request something specific. Special requests may take time to get their hands on, or may not be found at all.

2 - Occasionally the Corsairs will travel along the coast, or further inland looking for trade. The mods will make an announcement regarding when and where the corsairs be available for trade. At this time you can trade the standard list of items, a set of extra items that are in stock at that time, or request something specific.

Keep in mind that they corsairs are always looking for a trade in their favor, and special requests are often expensive. The negotiation is threaded out OOCly on this page.

To make a trade proposal with the Corsairs, comment here with the following information:

Character name:
What you're looking to get: (Choose from the list, or make a special request.)
What you can offer in return: (What Item(s) you would freely give in return for your trade?)
What do you have on your person: (Please list any other items found on the character at the time of trade that you would be OOCly willing to part with, in case the corsairs want to haggle.)



Salted Meats
Smoked Fish


Animal Pelts
Needles & Thread
Tallow Soap


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Game Mechanics

What kind of game is this?
Do I need to be familiar with Tolkien's works in order to play?
What kind of events will this game have?
How do I get into this game?
How do I invite a new player to the game?
Whoa! What’s with all the requirements for different kinds of AUs and OCs?
How do I take a hiatus?
How do I drop?
How do the communities work?
How does Check In (Activity Check) work?
What is the IC day to OOC day ratio?
Can I backdate or forward date?

About Characters

What kinds of characters are allowed?
What is a Close Cast Canon OC and how can I play one?
How can I bring my character's animal companion to Arda Marred?
How are characters from video games with choice-dependent protagonists handled?
Do you allow duplicate characters?
How many characters can I have?
Can I play more than one character from the same canon?
What if I want to play a canonically “evil” character from Tolkien’s works?
What if my character is of an unusual size?
What if my character has is dying, has a disability or has a special need?
What can my character arrive with?
Can my character keep their canon powers?
Can my character learn magic or abilities from other canons?
Can I canon update?
What about sex and other NSFW content?
What about pregnancy?
What about death?

World Mechanics

How did my character get here? Where do they arrive?
What's up with the seeing marbles?
What’s the weather like?
What kind of creatures or plants can I find in Arda Marred?
What kind of supplies can I find in Deepwood?
What if I want to live outside of Deepwood?
How long does it take to travel by foot?
Is there a faster way to travel?
What about language?

Game Mechanics

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2 )

3 )

4 )

5 )
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If you wish to contact a mod you have a few options:

- Comment below. Replies are not screened.
- Send a PM to singing_arda.
- Send a private plurk to [ profile] ardamods
- Contact the mod of your choice via the plurks listed below


PLURK: [ profile] tangyminx
OTHER: If you're REALLY in a hurry, PM me at Curufin's journal: [personal profile] so_dark_a_road


PLURK: [ profile] lenneths_wings

Important note: As mods, we have to be as fair and impartial as possible. Please understand that situations discussed with our "mod hat" on is not the same as if coming from us personally. Whenever possible, we will try to separate the two.